1 Chronicles 17 – A Suitable Space?

Ok, we are talking about something that God will strike you down if touched……Really, do you just want nothing but a thin tarp between you and it? Ahhh how about a long tall thick carpet like drape separating it from everything within its own special dwelling…. more to come. The whole idea of the arkContinue reading “1 Chronicles 17 – A Suitable Space?”

1 Chronicles 13 “Stumble and Fall”

I thought…how nice it was that the Lord still blessed the home or the dwelling where the arc was brought, even if it’s not where it was supposed to be brought… but for three months it just “hung out” somewhere else at the decision of Davids fear…. I mean he just witnessed God take theContinue reading “1 Chronicles 13 “Stumble and Fall””

Jerimiah 31-32 -An Everlasting Love

I don’t need to get all technical on the seven or eight different types of love that there is in the bible..Pastor Todd did an amazing job of that for us during the reckless love series…I just want to make it known that God is capable of love that is everlasting…. plainly defined as lastingContinue reading “Jerimiah 31-32 -An Everlasting Love”