1 Kings 18 – Conflict

21 And Elijah came near to all the people and said, “How long will you go limping between two different opinions? This Reminded me of when Moses destroyed the golden calf, he basically said to everybody in Exodus 32 “Whoever is on the LORD’s side—come to me.”

enough with the false idols, enough with Baal!

And the 3000 people were killed. But in the case of this chapter, a demonstration was provided to show that man made idols don’t listen, don’t care and don’t hear you…but our God is the God who can hear us and see us and listen to us! It’s when there is uncertainty or weakend faith that we “limp” between walking with Jesus and walking alone.

Here’s something interesting… limp (adj.)”flaccid, drooping, lacking stiffness or firmness,” How firm are YOU standing in your boots of peace? OR as a verb : “to walk lamely” How is YOUR walk with Him? Are you walking towards your personal goals of earthly treasures and pleasures of the flesh? Or are you seeking the spiritual ones knowing God will provide so long as you abide?

December 19, 2020 at 8:48 am

I am currently in an Elijah / Ahab … “4, no 3” situation… but even if the answers are right infront of us in the bible, others will interpret differently.. not necessarily completely incorrect, but a lot of our interpretation is from our broken minds, we are imperfect and in most cases, our answers will only come when our vapour of a life here “evaporates”. If I find myself in conflict of that nature, I will research and talk amongst brothers and sisters and try to investigate where these “wrong” thoughts or “false”’information/ interpretation stem from. I need to trust in Jesus that if I ask the hard questions, the people being asked are not offended to harshly or at all. So much wasted energy and fear of hurt feelings that could be redirected into helping lift eachother up.. instead of trying to prove eachother wrong.

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