1 Kings 17 – Obedience & Prayer, a Win-Win Combo

It was nothing short of a miracle of God that the flour and oil lasted for days. *SIDE-NOTE- kinda neat reading about that seeing as we just finished celebrating the feast of dedication (aka Hanukkah) in which the miracle of God had a days worth of oil burn for 8 days! – Maybe the widow didn’t see that for she was preoccupied with caring for her son. This man appears from nowhere and says give me some water and make me something to eat first.. before you two…despite the drought and little food they have. She said “, that we may eat it and die” perhaps she thought this was an angel or something… He told her “Do not fear” and that is what angels or someone would say when they just show up unannounced…

She was obviously taken off guard. And she was in a vulnerable position…however God told him there would be a widow waiting to prepare food for him… Did He not inform her of Elijah coming? She takes him in as a sojourner and shows love and caring….listens and feeds him…but then it kinda looked like she was blaming him for the illness of her boy,

Despite her thoughts of Elijah being responsible for her son’s illness, she blindly puts her full trust into him (as we should put our full trust in Jesus) She hands her son over to him….her only son… and lets him take her boy up to the loft in his room…He heals her with Gods power. He prays three times.. so the Father, Son and Spirit know he is reaching out for help and he receives it. This is also so the widow can truly witness and see this is a man of God. And The Lord had made this happen because she was obedient and loving to him and showed some faith in the fact that Elijah said in Gods name “that jar of flour shall not be spent, and the jug of oil shall not be empty, until the day that the Lord sends rain upon the earth.’” She showed faith amd obedience…and faith prevailed death. Sound familiar? 🙂

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