Deuteronomy 31&32

That song was a beautiful summary of how and why we should follow God. It had examples of His Greatness and examples of His wrath. It was the right length to share important information for the generations to come and see what was told and foretold.
I pray for the courage and the strength and the knowledge of God so I could be like Moses and help pass on the reins of the knowledge of Jesus and the goodness of God to everybody who has open ears and especially to the people who have closed hearts and closed ears.. it’s my desire to make everybody I know feel as close to Jesus as I do..and I’m so new in this… I know it’s all in Gods time and I know I haven’t been a Christian or Christ follower very long but I know the joy of the Lord and I kind of felt bad for Moses because he was only human and he was showing frustration with all the people complaining in the desert.. when a simple thing where he should’ve talked to the rock instead of struck it with the staff and that was enough to take away from him setting foot on the promised land, but Moses was close to God and he was also gracious and that he didn’t seem to show a grudge (that we know of ) he lost his brother because of that and he lost his sister because of that but he still set Joshua up to continue the journey that he started over 40 years ago. I’m going to do my best to not tap on the rock twice (so to speak) If God tells me to do something a certain way, thenI want to do it exactly as a certain way He tells me to do my best to put aside my frustration of what’s going on down here if I should be thinking vertically.

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