deuteronomy 23

23:1 “No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord.”

just the thought… ouch! thank Jesus we can come as we are for those of us who have suffered horrible accidents or have a birth defect…

5 “But the Lord your God would not listen to Balaam; instead the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loved you.”

There’s mention of Balaam again… the prophet who sought after profit in underhanded ways… But so very true. God loves us all, so much that He sent his only begotten son down to die for all of us… to absorb the curse of sin into a blessing of grace and glory for all of us.

14 “Because the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp,”

I know I know.. He isn’t actually going to physically step IN anything… but from what I remember, one is supossed to even remove their shoes when on holy ground.. so it makes sense to follow these rules of cleanliness and do your “business” outside the camp

walls and cover it up too…at least that one can be controlled… but the emission one from line 10… well that is out of ones control and then your outta the camp for the day.

I like 18 “You shall not bring the fee of a prostitute or the wages of a dog into the house of the Lord your God” this eliminates “dirty money” being circulated and generating revenue for good by doing evil.. In my

mind I’m thinking …it sure would be nice to come up with the other 2.5 million to finish the Riverwood House.. from a lottery win or from a grand inheritance… but not from a drug cartel or a prostitution ring!

And finally” 21 “If you make a vow to the Lord your God, you shall not delay fulfilling it,”

this reminds me of a) what Pastor Todd was referring to when the air passes over our lips to make sounds… they should be good and encouraging… also what ephesiams 4:29 tells us.. and b) Dont give God “lip service” it’s kinda like “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” James 2:26 or even better…

Isaiah 29:13. “…these people draw near to me with their MOUTHS, and honour me with their LIPS, yet have removed their hearts far from me.

Do what you say and say what you do. Or your just doing it halfway… Did Jesus half beat death? Did He half ressurect? Does He love us with half His heart ??? Nope just as we should be clinging to Him with our WHOLE heart mind and soul! or properly… “Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your mind and with ALL your strength. Mark 12:30


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