deuteronomy 21

When I was reading the first part of this chapter I was reminded of a term of being “guilty by association” when rather it was the same.. but a little bit different because if a body was found somewhere a whole community worked together to try to find out who or what community or city would be sharing the guilt or bearing responsibility of that unsolved death by measuring how close that body was and that was a good way of keeping everybody “in the know” and aware of what’s going on… in someways it was a good way of dealing with it because everybody gets to see and share in the morning to add consolation where should be directed…but on the other hand it was bad because other people could learn that if they did kill somebody and didn’t want their community to share in the responsibility they can simply move the dead body closer to somebody else’s border …I know that’s pretty evil thinking

And the last part of this chapter reminded me of Juldas Iscarot..except his body wasn’t buried until after it has decayed for a while and I only think that because he hung himself and then it said that his Innards or his bowels had popped out of his stomach and that would probably only happen after long time of decaying. so the man was cursed while alive in deceiving Jesus and he was cursing the field and land with his body in death in that place known as the field of blood.

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