100% Pure

I wish I could be perfect. I wish 100% of me was pure, that I wouldn’t struggle with doubts in my faith, loneliness in my heart, discontentment with my life or lust in my mind; I am not perfect. I need the Lord’s strength daily and constantly. But even when it comes to connecting with God I am inperfect. Many times I opt for distraction or distance: hiding from my church and friends to hide my pain and struggle.
As much as these shortcomings cause me pain and sadness I know that my struggles work to make my spirit stronger, wiser and a little bit closer to that 100% pure.

2 thoughts on “100% Pure

  1. I was just thinking how wonderful it will be one day when I/we no longer have to struggle with temptation and sin. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit is growing me/all of us into the very image of God. And, in the meantime, God still uses me/us to fulfill His purpose for my/our lives and that brings JOY! And all the while He delights in us!


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