Deuteronomy 14…

Reading this chapter reminded me of how I lived my own life until about the age of 10..especially when I was attending the orthodox Hebrew school. we had to be mindful of what we brought for lunch and yes we were not allowed to eat meat with milk.. the school itself had two separate kitchens, one for meat and one for milk… each with their own fridge and freezer and set of cutlery and plates. The laws of kosher are very strict and there’s even a whole other set of kosher rules for the Passover…so orthodox familys would have four sets of plates and cutlery.. one for meat nd one for milk and one for meat passover and one for milk passover that’s a lot of dishes to do afterwards! I’ve heard somebody say that after babyhood we’re really not supposed to be drinking milk anyways so a lot of it can’t have to do with health but in my opinion a lot of it is following the old covenant that Jesus has relieved us from by paying the ultimate price for everybody. Thank Jesus I can enjoy a cheeseburger… or even a hamburger with a shake! 🙂 I do remember being told that the main reason we shouldn’t be mixing meat with milk is because it says in the Bible that we shouldn’t boil a baby goat in its mothers milk… which I always thought was kind of weird because why would anybody do that?

Come to think of it I even remember a song we used to sing before the official prayer before eating and it had the lyrics in it like “I will not-ever eat – something doesn’t have split hooves on its feet!”

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