Deuteronomy 11

“See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse:”

If I had to choose between the blessing and the curse – I would choose the blessing by being obedient and by teaching my children and see that they teach their children by reminding the generation I am in and the future one all that the Lord has done… for example crushing our enemies with the Red Sea when it departed for us to pass through..and the water in the desert and the manna and so forth and I would be careful not to be deceived because the more I’m thinking about God, and the more fresh He is in my mind with all that he has done, the more I know that He is there for me and will continue to provide.. like let me take possession on all the land that my feet shall walk over. I need to love Him with all my heart mind and soul. He will know if it’s true because He knows my soul. I wouldn’t want the ground to open up under my feet, it’s not always easy to to the right thing, but the rewards are literally life saving.

I love the term “hold fast” …In some ways to me it means He is the first thing I should reach for in all situations… especially when i think i need to take charge and hold the reins so-to-speak and hold on amd start

steering in “my own” direction. He is the driver, I am but a passenger.

In the very first line of this chapter it’s added that not only should we follow all these rules but we should follow them always and in return we will get his goodness always and they put it in another way by saying we will get not only the rain that we need in the fields at the beginning of the season but we will also get it at the end of the season so we shouldn’t be part time devoted to God we should before time devoted to God because in return he will be full time devoted to us. But in the same breath he just said if you don’t love Him with your whole heart and not consistently…the one who makes the rain can also stop the rain so the fields won’t grow and your livestock won’t eat… which means neither will you!

Thank the father for sending his son down to do the work on the cross so we don’t have to choose between blessings and curses.. thank you Jesus for taking the curse off of the table so we can live in a relationship with you!

One thought on “Deuteronomy 11

  1. That was God’s Plan from the Beginning that we live in relationship with Him as sons and daughters of the Most High… that we know Him as The Righteous God of Love Who has Saved us and Redeemed us.


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