Deuteronomy 4

“Listen and Do, so you can Go and Take” from Moses

Parallels: “Go, Do and Be” from Jesus

Our God is a merciful God and He is a jealous God but most of all He is a loving God. I was brought to tears while I was reading this as we were being reminded of all that He had done right before the very eyes of the Israelites and reminding them that all they need to do is follow the set of rules and continue to be close with Him and that God keeps His promises and only asks that you don’t put any Gods before Him.. He is the creator of everything, it’s only insulting to worship something that He made as if it had all the power, all glory should go to God! Not a tree not a fish nothing that we can make…. for everything is through Him and anything that has ever been made would not have been made without Him. Just to simply stop worshipping false idols and the fruitfulness will carry from generation to generation.

We were also reminded of what happens when you don’t follow the rules and you go your own way at the same time.

I made a parallel in my mind that if we build each other up with love in that rich tapestry like from Colossians, we are walking with Jesus so long as we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour we will be given the inheritance as well…but not a physical land, we’re talking about eternal life! Now that is His promise to us is that if we accept Him and through Him we can get to the Father and have eternal life in the kingdom which is the parallel of a new testament version of the promised land.

Just because we don’t see miracles like the Israelites did and just because we don’t hear Gods voice coming out to us out of a fire doesn’t mean miracles still aren’t happening every day around us… we just have to look a little harder, we just need to listen a little bit better… He is in the midst of us!

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