Numbers 23 – He Doesn’t Change, we do

This is a “God-incidence” ..I just had a conversation with a brother in Christ the other day and he said the world is changing and it’s not always for the better ..the first thing that came to my mind was Isaiah 40:8..That the world is constantly changing and we as humans try to do the best we can… at least the ones who seem to care about each other and the well-being of our future generations… living green, recycling, sharing the Gospel and walking with the Lord. etc…but as we try we are unknowingly making things worse with pollution, plastics, gases etc… We are putting more effort into trying to find life on another planet because we have messed this one up so bad ..but even if we all populate on Mars or another planet for that matter, God will still be there! because God made the other planet too.

He is glorious, beautiful, perfect and unchanging and deserves all praise because whether we are rich or poor or hungry or well to do doesn’t matter what “class” we are or how we messed up the gift that He gave us. God loves us the same. He tried showing us that when he sent His son down to die for us ..His love is never changing and His grace is a new for each of us every day..why can’t everybody see that?

Thank you Kevin for helping with the edit, Bless you in the name of Jesus!

One thought on “Numbers 23 – He Doesn’t Change, we do

  1. The world is constantly changing but not only is God the same Yesterday, Today and Forever but He can bring positive change to our world. It’s always so amazing when He chooses to work through us!


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