Numbers – 18 – Salty

Funny that some that can preserve for life, be used as a covenant for life (weddings) and stop life from happening (salting earth) should all show up in the 18th chapter… “18” meaning life in Hebrew. חי

All I can think about right now is the Dead Sea. It’s a huge source of salt…Look at its location. If we are the salt of the Earth. God placed a huge source of preservation near the promised land. Was this a hint that He always intended to preserve that land for His people? Then again, all the oceans are of salt water, and there’s more ocean than land.. so I would call that an abundance and or scattered all over the world as common as grains of sand on the beaches they kiss.
Now nothing lives in the dead sea, hence its name but from that “death” brings life in all the ways the salt could preserve food and be a part of a covenant when preserving the animal hides to use the skins for writing on.

salt blocks used as currency by the Romans

I was also informed that salt was used as currency at some time.. “Hey can you pass the salt please? I need to add flavour to my meat and pay the rent”
🙂 Have a blessed day everyone.

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