Numbers 7 – No Carts? No Problem.

9 “But to the sons of Kohath he gave none, because they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder.” this referenced Numbers 4:4 “This shall be the service of the sons of Kohath in the tabernacle of the congregation, about the most holy things”

At first I felt bad for that family – who didn’t get any of the carts or oxen….such luxuries of the time, but instead they had to (or should say were blessed with the responsibility) carry everything on their shoulders, literally. But then I realized these were the most holy things and we are supposed to keep the most holy things closest to us – and hold onto things of the world loosely.

Jesus didn’t have a cart to carry His cross to the rock of the skull. He carried it on His shoulders. He kept it close to Him as it was important to carry out His Fathers plans. I know it’s not a true comparison, but even look at what we would keep as a carry-on for a flight… or what would we keep close to us in travel… anything we don’t care about as much could go in the belly of the plane, or in the compartment of the bus… but our “holy” (used loosely) items, we tend to keep closer, in our backpacks, pockets, purses and wallets.

As Christ followers, we hold the Spirit inside us , that’s Very holy, it’s our connection to Jesus Christ and the Father, we don’t need any fancy carts or oxen to do so.. to be closest to the holiest things we don’t need anything but a relationship, and again – you don’t need a fancy car or a fancy anything to have that.

Doesn’t matter if you have a gold leaf bible or a old beaten one, doesn’t matter if you wear your “sunday best” or come as you are… Jesus will hear you, Father God will see you and the Spirit will come into you.

And if nobody else is going to mention it.. The reading of all the offerings was like the movie Groundhog day…every tribe leader brought the exact same offering every day … and maybe that is because it wasn’t supposed to make any one tribe any more important than any other one, so nobody can glorify themselves anymore and all the glory should go to God – and nobody has any greater status then the next…

we are all in the same service, His service.

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