1 Peter – we are heirs .. don’t run from it

1 Peter

The moment I finished reading this chapter I was hit with a feeling of “I’ve heard this before” and then I realized it’s from Isaiah 40:8… I know it well because it’s the very first Bible verse my son memorized and learned for Riverwood kids Bible verses.

it’s also a good summary for the whole first chapter of this book.

I think it’s also neat because Jesus has been referred to as the vine and the vine is kind of like grass or at least will grow out of it..and when He was here in human form He was of flesh and our flesh is compared to grass. When Jesus died on the cross and paid the ransom for all of us The spirit of truth was then sent down so we could call Him to live and grow within all of us and even as our bodies get old and wither, He continues to grow and flourish within us…in fact the older we get as we follow Christ – the more mature in Christ we become.

I find that lines 4-7 are a beautiful reminder that we should be rejoicing all the time in the Lord and glory of the kingdom of heaven that will be waiting for us..if He sees in our hearts that we truly do believe in His love and have faith in someone that we cannot see..but I think that we can see and feel with our hearts and God CAN see into our hearts and He knows that with that faith we are heirs to a kingdom that is never changing, unfaded. and imperishable.

One thought on “1 Peter – we are heirs .. don’t run from it

  1. So true, so wonderful that God is growing us and that Faith is a Gift from God! Ephesians 2:8

    Eph 2: 4,5 “But because of His great love for us, God, Who is rich in Mercy, made us alive even when we were dead in transgressions.-it is by grace you have been saved”

    God is in the business of saving the Lost and He knows exactly where to find them and how to open their eyes so they see how lost they are! He will leave the 99 in order to find that 1 lost sheep.

    One day there’ll be no more Goats!


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