Daniel 3 – Another in the Fire

I have heard the story before… and it was familiar and I couldn’t help but be reminded of that awesome song that we have sung in worship. “Another in the Fire” ( I can hear Ben in my mind)

Now I know who that other in the fire was.

The beautiful thing with those lyrics is that it’s broken into three parts and a lot of people don’t notice this…first it’s THERE WAS another in the fire, then it’s THERE IS another in the fire, then it’s THERE’LL BE another in the fire.

This is so cleverly written to explain to us that God was there at the beginning, He is here now, and He will always be! – Not just because of what it says in Isaiah 40:8 , Gods word endures forever….we already know that, BUT there is a fire in our lives in someway shape or form and it might be something new in our lives that’s giving us a hard time, it might be something that’s constantly been in our lives that we have to deal with, and it might be something that we have anxiety about waiting for…but we could put our fear aside because fear is the enemy and we can love and trust our God and know that He has been here since the beginning of time and will continue to be here long after our blip on this planet is done…..He will shield us just like He protected those three men in the fire.

I thought it was very interesting that the king requested that the fire be heated seven times hotter than usual …and I have read that seven is “Gods number” it’s the number of perfection… so asking for it to be heated to God’s number was almost like inviting Him into the fire without even knowing…He works in wonderful ways.

I couldn’t help but laugh…even chuckle a little bit to myself when the kings tone changed… he thought he put three in but then he saw four and they came out unscathed …now I guess that big old statue isn’t so important anymore because he saw the power of a real God!

One thought on “Daniel 3 – Another in the Fire

  1. Wonderfully written, Marshall.

    Thank you for writing the words of the song and their significance! I hope Ben and the Praise Choir sing it this Sunday. It must be exciting for you having read the Old Testament as a person in the Jewish faith, to have the mystery resolved and know the identity of the 4th person in the fire!

    There’s another popular Christian song-I think the title is “And even if He doesn’t” or is it called, “I Still Believe”. Anyway, it refers to the singer maintaining his faith even when there are deep disappointments.

    What a strong Faith these young men had. May God increase our Faith and raise up men in our times that the world may know….

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