Hebrews 13 – Contentment or Complacent?

First of all I wanna say thank you very much Pastor Todd for sharing that part of your personal life with us with regards to arguments and such … you two Have a wonderful marriage and I’d like to model ours after it well, it’s through the small groups marriage that Carolyn was also teaching us how to argue correctly or fight fair which greatly in improved our communication and taught us that even when we were in the heat of “discussion” we are not each other’s enemy.

I sometimes have a hard time seeing the differences between whether I am content or whether I’m complacent… It seems like if I don’t do anything with what I have over a short stretch of time, I might appear to be lazy… or without any goals ..or I’m just happy without thinking about moving forward. But I will always strive for more as far as wisdom and knowledge goes but I’m perfectly happy with where I am in my life, and I know it’s easy to say if I won a whole bunch of money and we’re able to buy whatever I wanted to have that I wouldn’t change, but that’s neither here or there… I like to think that I would still keep my focus on God and keep my eyes fixed on the ultimate goal which is eternal life. I’ve learned so many times that our true treasures are not here on earth they are in His kingdom.. i’m happily married, I’m in love my wife, I love our kids…I love our apartment home, it doesn’t matter to me if we rent or own a house because funny enough after reading the chapter I was giving it some serious thought… even if you own a house ,God owns it …even if you own a car, it’s Gods… anything I think I have any full ownership here on earth – it doesn’t belong to me anyways, if I give myself to the Lord, then I give everything I own to the Lord. So everything it’s just rented 🙂 I know it sounds funny but it’s kind of true because our time down here is temporary.

when I catch myself coveting somebody else’s property whether it’s a home or a car or any kind of material item I remind myself of a few things..

1. Do those objects bring true joy? and the answer is usually no

2. Do those things love you back? and the answer is always no

3. Do those expensive items usually end up somehow “owning the owner” in a matter of speaking? Yes.. because of costs and time..if you own boats and cars and trailers and property.. you’re going to constantly be doing oil changes, towing docking, storing, licensing, registering, taxes, repairs, maintenance etc. etc. etc. sometimes there’s a lot to be said for living a simple life. I certainly don’t want anyone to think that this is a dig at Pastor Todd and the way he loves to restore because that is a passion of his, much like Gods passion is restoring us, one of Todd’s passions is restoring all those items that he mentioned but it’s not like he’s keeping them all..he explained what he did and I think that’s fantastic.

If I had the space I’d probably be doing some kind of restoring of things as well…. and have some fun projects to work on myself or with my son… or maybe have something to tinker with in my retirement.

BUT, there’s several other ways I can practice restoration with the lifestyle that I currently have and that begins on the inside first.

2 thoughts on “Hebrews 13 – Contentment or Complacent?

  1. I love your transparency and your Testimony. God certainly has a hold on your life.

    You mention that your ultimate Goal is Eternal Life but we received Eternal Life when the Holy Spirit came to dwell within us. I believe your/ my/ our i.e. the church’s ultimate Goal is to grow into the Image of Christ with the help of The Holy Spirit.


  2. Thanks, i guess i didn’t realize that I already have that gift… but should i turn away and drift… do i still get that?
    If i practice to grow in Christ and live like Him and be influential and mature in him.. that should be the key right?


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