Hebrews 12 – Our Founder

let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”

It seems like the lesson for me from this chapter was right in the first paragraph, and I see that as perfect instructions (He is the perfector)… it’s telling me to do life like Jesus would , He endured the cross for all of us, so the very least we can do is run our life race while we are here on earth with endurance. Jesus is our founder.

I found this definition: a person who establishes an institution or settlement. Well, He was the word at the beginning he established everything ….the institution of the world. and Perfecter of Our Faith.. We just took a look at all the differences between the old covenant and the new covenant and as we read, if there was nothing wrong with the old covenant…there wouldn’t be a need for a new one but of course there were several covenants in the old testament ranging from Adam to Noah to David but it seems like promises just kept getting made and then 1/2 of the covenant just kept on drifting…..God kept giving another chance another chance another chance and finally He said that’s enough I’m gonna send my son down and take care of it once and for all – and there will be a new covenant, a perfect one… something was missing to make the best sacrifice, the perfect sacrifice for ALL..our Messiah Jesus, so He came down and perfected or upgraded /changed and improved or whatever you want to call it, resulting in perfecting the testament to bring it to what it is today for all of us. I couldn’t be happier to know who God is to me. I also now look back at all the years I spent just thinking that the old covenant was the way it was supposed to be because of tradition and works and now I don’t have to wait for my Messiah to come because He already came and I understand what it’s like to actually have a relationship with my God. let me make a correction I can wait for my Messiah to come but this will be for a second time. Oh, I need to make another correction…

absolutely every time I call for the Holy Spirit to come into my temple. I’m joined by the power of the Messiah. I think of all the years thinking the only way through God is at a synagogue through a Rabbi amd works and traditions… I didn’t even know that the Bible was a love letter from God to me, and now I have I God with three heads …it sounds strange but the father and the son and the Holy Spirit are all in one…I could talk to the Fathr like my dad, I could talk to the Son and I can talk to the Holy Spirit they all connect me, they all know me better than I do.

Because of my transformation I now have three of the best reasons to run this race with endurance.

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