Judge Not

It is difficult not to judge others.

The other day I heard a story from a couple of friends who had gotten an expensive appliance from the hardware store for free due to a malfunction in their payment.

The clerk asked them to return to receive a receipt if the payment rebounded, but they opted to just take their “good luck” and keep their money and free purchase.

I found myself judging these two for being dishonest and corrupt. Thinking that they were not worth my time.

But I immediately began to think… have I not done the same? How many times has a cashier made a mistake in my favor and I said nothing?

Would I have not also taken the expense purchase as a free “gift”? Claiming my family was in dire need of the money elsewhere?

At the end of the day, whether we follow Christ’s example or not, we all fail and have brokenness. Jesus calls us to strive for unity above all else and challenges us to tear down barriers that attempt to keep us from reaching those around us.

It is hard to watch others blatantly oppose the morals of Christ to get ahead but we need the humility to recall we have all oppose morals. Despite these failings we are all called to engage and love everyone.

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