2 Chron 16 – Keep Connected

Again.. history repeats itself and Asa doesn’t go to the Lord for aid with regards to going to war for land and property, instead he disconnects, goes elsewhere and even goes so far as taking valuables from the house of the Lord to bribe with…

Could these be some collected boulders that once made up Ramah?

In the end, Ramah gets taken down boulder by boulder and cedar plank by plank to open up the division but he was relying on chariots and horses again.. and then the seer went to go lay it all out for him …

Wow, sometimes you don’t like to hear the truth and it’s almost like a big “I told you so” when that profit told him why he’ll be failing in the future, he put the prophet into jail and other people were mistreated because of the this news. Misery loves company. And God was still watching his negative reactions and added to his misery by diseasing his feet… I highly doubt Asa could see the glory of God through any of that….

I wonder if his diseased feet were one more chance that God was giving to Asa for the possibility of turning around and possibly repenting.

All he had to do was ask theLord for help a second time… like many of us we could ask for help and get it and then things seem to be going good ….so good that we put ourselves first and even forget why and how we got where we were , and then we keep trying to do things on our own….

I pray that I remember to ask God for help even with things that Hes helped me with before so Hes not taken for granted or forgotten in anything.

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