2nd Chron 15

I remember reading something about fearing the Lord is knowing the Lord …maybe from Isiah 11…. check it.

and these people definitely fear the Lord to the point where that they all agreed if they didn’t want to seek Him, they should be put to death…so that was “inspirational” enough to cause 7700 sacrifices/offerings have to turn a lot of people to God.

It was also passed on to them that the more they seek the Lord the more the Lord will be there for them…so it’s almost like a I scratch your back, you scratch mine type of deal… so everybody was starting to scratch Gods back in hopes that they will continue to get goodness coming their way. It also mentioned that all those sacrifices were done that “day” so unless they were all done simultaneously… I don’t know how that was possible..

Another point of interest and I wanted to mention was the fact that when one is ready to follow the Lord one must be prepared to turn your back on your family and that was exactly what happened in the last paragraph of this chapter to Maacah

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