2 Chron 14 – Cleaning House

Well this was clear to me that by having Asa “clean house” and rid Judah of all the idols, false gods and alters, that God would help them in battle…. Apparently that’s exactly what happens, God helped defeat the enemy (as usual) and it sounds like they were defeated even before they arrived.. but not so far away as they were chased far enough away to be looted. But then I read that when the ethiopians were all caught up and no more were standing, that the surrrounding cities were plundered and cattle were taken… was this necessary? Were these just innocent bystanding towns that got hit with the plundering for no reason? Were they guilty by accociation I wonder?

I look around at my own life and realize I also make false gods out of all kinds of things… not talking about kneeling down to a permanent alter in my home, but rather by giving too much attention to things that really don’t matter in the big picture… and then i think even further … who’s “picture” is it? I have to realize That I am but an image in Gods picture….It’s like when people say “that’s not my cup of tea” I am now hearing “that’s too religious or churchy for me” But what would Jesus say or do? It’s Gods cup of tea and we are swimming in it 🙂 Get used to the water….just because I’ve been baptized with it doesn’t mean lifes perfect… in fact, life can be a little tougher when your best friend is Jesus… with going against the “norm” and all.

I found it wonderful that while the Ethiopians were probly heading over there with their greater numbers and weapons.. were singing out a battle cry or an attack song… Asa was praising God and outright asking for help in the moment.

I pray that when I am about to face a battle that I remember to make myself humble and meek by asking God for help and guidance. Even more so, I ask for the courage and strength to explain to someone exactly what Im doing when I’m “caught” praying.

One thought on “2 Chron 14 – Cleaning House

  1. Reading about Asa today has grown my faith and challenged me to pray BIG and believe for greater MIRACLES from our LOVING and POWERFUL FATHER!


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