1 Chronicles 28-29 – A Fathers Pride

I can only imagine the huge sense of pride David as a father had for his son as he passed on the throne to him, it was a graceful example of one leader going to another leader with Godly reasons as to why a man of war should not be the one to build a temple…although David has already completed his rule over 40 years and was well accomplished, it was his sons time now. Almost like a right of passage for a father with a prince son to become a king… reminded me of the importance and significance of the almost birthright reading in the Chronicles that there was a father that had sons but not the oldest son got to lead the family for some reason or another…

Much like how David was rewarded by being a man of God, His son was as well…only asking God for nothing but knowledge and wisdom of how to lead (which pleased God greatly) that’s why he was granted with wisdom of leadership and abundance of riches…(which went back to God in the end anyways – like David did) they understood (and it was Davids mission) to teach the people that everything that they had was Gods anyways and everything that they had belonged to God originally…all the gold or silver or bronze or anything of value that man on earth can tag on it was always Gods…so that’s why David had no problem handing back to Him what was already His. . We never really own anything here on earth , everything is just “rented” or “on loan” while we are here as a mist.

All this stuff was here before we arrived and it’ll be here long after…we are only temporary and we should be grateful to God for this small time that we do have here and do our best to carry out His work in our short time.

As a father I make it part of my job to live a life of influence that could be witnessed by my son…I know Gods watching me… I’m not a king and I don’t have a throne to hand to him because I know he has a spot by the best throne the world if he continues to have faith in Christ. I try to do the best I can so he can see how I react to life as it happens… I need him to see how I love God, those are the traits that I need to pass down to my son so God sees and feels his love too.

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