Build the Temple

1 Chronicles 22: 2 Having purchased a location for the new temple, David began preparations for its construction. He gathered the foreigners who were in Israel so they could help build the temple. He appointed stonecutters for the house of God;

At this time those outside the nation of Israel were not followers of God.

But in this verse we see that God was able to use many of them for His plans and purposes.

Simple obedience can go a long way in the hands of God. In this context God was able to prepare and eventually help His people build a massive temple complex where He was to dwell with them.

I pray that through the trials of day to day living I don’t loose sight of the bigger context of God’s ever running story with humanity.

I may not be here to build a temple but my impact has potential to help steer a life to one of divine calling, as many Christians did for me before I came to believe.

One thought on “Build the Temple

  1. I like that Pastor reminded us that we, believers are the Temple now where God through His Spirit dwells. And we are much more precious in His sight. When we share the Word (Jesus is the Word and God’s Word does not return void ) with others, we become temple builders! How awesome is that!


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