Christ at the Center

When I first came to Christ I had a period where I beileved I understood what it meant for Christ to be in my life.

I see now my scope wasn’t wide enough, Christ should be at the center of everything.

I thought He only wanted to be in my Sundays, my family, my prayers and my church friends but nowhere else.

I thought Jesus needed the place He was to dwell to be holy. Surely a dirty and dusty old warehouse I work in, where the workers are people are selfish and profane, is not a place Jesus wants to be.

Or I was sure Jesus didn’t care about my geeky hobbies like board games and comic books. But that is not true, the things I enjoy have the potential to speak about God and Jesus.

Our lives are on display to those in close proximity to us whether they beileve in Christ or not. When all facets of our lives are obedient to Christ we become vessels for the Holy Spirit to speak volumes about God’s love and mercy to those in our lives.

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