Equal and United

This morning I have been reflecting on the wonderful equality that is presented in the body of Christ.

In a community of Christ followers we are all seen as having equal and important value despite our social or economic statuses.

Fast food employees, bank managers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, custodians, police officers, artists, labourers, gas station attendants, supervisors, dentists and truck drivers all have equality in our divine identity in Christ and are all vauled and unqiue parts of Christ’s body.

The church has been the only place I have felt treated as an equal despite my circumstances and failures. With that said I am aware that many have felt the opposite when being in a church community.

Indigenous people and members of LGTBQ have felt unwelcome in churches. I know under that lie deep hurts in these communities when it comes to Christians but the truth remains they are all created in the image of God and have divine vaule because of it.

I pray we all seek to unify and heal the hurts and trust that the careless use of God’s words have caused.

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