1 Chronicles 17 – A Suitable Space?

Ok, we are talking about something that God will strike you down if touched……Really, do you just want nothing but a thin tarp between you and it? Ahhh how about a long tall thick carpet like drape separating it from everything within its own special dwelling…. more to come.

The whole idea of the ark being in a tent back in the old testament when they thought that was the only connection to God was soothing in someway.. we know that our God is one that sees us and He’s moving and working all the time.

The idea that He would just have one house or even need one is almost absurd… I mean He’s God and can have whatever He wants and be wherever and everywhere at once.

Did Jesus sit still and have everybody come to Him? No! He got on the move and when He wasn’t moving Himself, He had disciples moving to spread the word… but I understand what was going through David‘s mind thinking “I live in a beautiful house and the God that we praise and give glory to lives in a tent”. :-/ and facepalm.

I wonder if he thought for a second that everybody was looking at him thinking that as king you should make a decision to do something but that responsibility ended up going to his son.

Now… do I look at my own living place and wonder about how I rate up against my place of worship? Those refurbished buildings are so nice I’d move in if I could 🙂 At any rate. I feel that with tithing, our family helps contribute to the growth of the body and if anything, it doesn’t take away from our living place , it brings in much joy in many other forms to our home.

Maybe David didn’t see right away that God didn’t need the home. He is the provider of everything. This great cedar home he had was all of materiel provided by God, David knew that everything is Gods. Maybe he was just looking at how it looked in his peoples eyes.. as a leader teaching and living by example is a wonderful practice.

I would have traded places with the ark and given it my home temporarily I would stay in the tent while my son build the permanent home… after all, I’m a warrior, what do I know about building a house suited for the ark?

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