1 Chronicles 13 “Stumble and Fall”

I thought…how nice it was that the Lord still blessed the home or the dwelling where the arc was brought, even if it’s not where it was supposed to be brought… but for three months it just “hung out” somewhere else at the decision of Davids fear…. I mean he just witnessed God take the life of somebody just for most likely innocently trying to stop the ark from falling onto the ground.

I was kind of even wondering to myself… I know he knows how important the ark is but maybe he doesn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole now or even with his friends 10 foot pole because of what he just saw… if it’s accidentally handled or mishandled… will I drop dead? Will anyone else? So The fact that he just continued to take it anyways and just didn’t leave it there in fear was something that stuck with me…I guess he just continued to put his faith first and trusted that God‘s decision was God‘s decision..but he still didn’t go where he was supposed to go…

Was that a demonstration to everybody about the seriousness of how only the highest priests are allowed to come close enough to have that kind of contact with the ark? That someone has to die when touching it?

Is that a demonstration of seriousness of how the strength and power of God should always be in our forefront – that even in the moments that when you think this precious item is going to stumble and fall,….we should be reminded that the Lord is Almighty and will NEVER stumble and fall… and at the end of the day the ark is also just a container and a mercy seat, It is not God, it is not the glory of God… it just happens to be a container of holy artifacts with what could be a seat on top for our God when His presence was in the holy of holies in the temple back room

Relationship before Religion

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