A Place/Person of Refuge

I never thought of Jesus as a city before, but I do look to Him for refuge, regeneration and restoration.

I have read Him compared to a shelter and is our protector, If I am able to be curled up in His safe hand or covered up under His wings like of a mother bird protects her babies… then sure, why can’t I see Him as a city? When I walk with Him, I can walk right “in” and more and more we walk like and with Jesus, the more and more we strengthen our faith and church which is also strengthening the body of Christ.

The more I think of it it now, The day I gave myself to Christ, I “moved” in. I Moved into Christianity, moved into relationship with the Father and learned the Holy Spirit loves me too..

Much like one of those cities of refuge that somebody could go to to be safe in case one accidentally kills somebody or a different kind of mistake, Jesus is a place that I can go to always if I accidentally hurt somebody or myself …and I saw those similarities as well, mind you I’m fully accountable if somebody catches up with me while I think I’m safe in the refuge of Jesus because we are accountable for our actions here but if I’m looking for forgiveness, mercy and grace, it’s always where Jesus is.

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