Parenting a New Generation

One thing I reflect on often is: why do I want to have a large family? My wife and I have three kids currently but are hoping to have a fourth and in the future foster children. We have both agreed on a large family 🙂

I think one of the simplest (perhaps more challenging) ways to impact our world for the good is in the way we parent our kids. Our role as parents becomes all the more powerful when we combine it with the power of God’s spirit.

Parents have a tremendous amount of influence on their kids life which can be filled with hope, love and security. These vitures can in turn help to create a stronger and more loving future generation. I pray often to be given wisdom and the strength to raise my children to be caring and loving examples of God’s Kingdom in the world.

My role as a father is one I take seriously. It excites me each day and I see my children’s hearts reveal themselves to me a little but more as time goes on. No matter how much I feel like I fail, God’s redemptive love is always greater.

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