Hüdah Thōt?

These thoughts of mine have past my mind over the course of my short (but involved) journey of coming to Christ… and this little funny moment I have with myself and God.

Hüdah Thōt? I ever would’ve had an app on my phone connecting me to the church I was a part of? Hüdah Thōt? I would have an additional app just with a Bible on it and another app which takes Bible verses and puts it with photos on my phone and constructs wonderful Scenarios that absolutely prove to me time and time again that the Bible is fresh and broadcasting live from when it was written to this very moment.

I had just taken a picture of the first seeds sprouting early this May for peppers I was going to plant outside and a verse from Luke fit in perfectly

A pic of my dad and his brother… Matthew 18:20 suited this one beautifully. Sorry about the crease dad – old pic

Hüdah Thōt? that I would ever have felt completely released of religious obligation of having to do certain rituals or else fear that I won’t be accepted or have a relationship with God. I was once so deep into the practices, traditions and rituals of Judaism. Became almost robotic at times, i didn’t feel love when I went to pray or attend synagogue. I ask you – why would you want to go anywhere where you wouldn’t want to feel loved ….especially where you’re supposed to humble yourself and feel like you’re in a safe place?

Hüdah Thōt? that I would ever be excited to watch a church service online that I would constantly check the phone to see how many more hours and have fun watching the minutes go by? In somebody’s opinion that would be as bad as wasting time on social media but in my opinion it’s just the seconds closer to my opportunity to worship in contact with other people doing the same thing…. not that many other things bring me that kind of joy anymore.

I love who I am even more now because I know Christ loves me. I love who I am even more now because I feel like I have all the information and my head is full of more questions… but that’s only because I now know of the whole mystery of the gospel, the life of Jesus, why He died for me, and why I should be grateful every day and praise Him in everything.

I absolutely remember when I was younger driving around with my family and I would see on the billboards it would say Jesus is Lord and I would think to myself …no he isn’t he was a carpenter, he existed, but only God is God ….So many things makes sense now…I can also see why rabbis will deny that he was the Messiah, but I don’t agree 🙂

Why can they not just ask themselves what I asked myself )one of many question) but if I can believe in all of the miracles from the old testament why can I not believe in the same miracles from the same God in the new testament?? 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He still is today here with us

2 thoughts on “Hüdah Thōt?

  1. I love, love, love your post. What app has the Bible and Bible pics. I’d like to download it. Have an Awesome Day


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