Jerimiah 43-44 thoughts

“10 They have not humbled themselves even to this day,” When it boils down to it obedience seems to be something that is being ignored here by everybody wanting to go to Egypt…they are so full of their own selfish stubborn pride they actually verbalize back saying we are not going to do this and we are not going to do that, we are going to continue to do our own thing our way… and then they sit and wonder why people are dying and crops aren’t growing and the land is getting dry…. They haven’t humbled themselves… not once. God even said “to this day” which tells me that He has been more than fair by giving all kinds of warnings and even mentioning specifically what types of harm is going to come up on them… and it was written in a scroll that had to be rewritten …and it’s coming through the voices of profits, credited profits not false ones that the people are creating so they could hear the news that they like to hear and work God the way they want to work “it” (Notice I didn’t say “Him” because nobody works God, but He works with us.

It isn’t easy to be humble, it isn’t easy to show your humanity all the time… a good place to start is by admitting when you’re wrong about something…. or asking someone for help….another nice thing to do is let somebody else know when they are right…. admitting guilt and repenting, these are all steps towards obedience towards the Lords path which may be ancient, yet very current.

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