Faith During Disaster

Jeremiah 39: 16 Go and give this message to Ebed-melech, the Ethiopian. “This is what the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies and God of Israel, promises you: ‘Look! Very soon I will bring disaster not prosperity on Jerusalem and her citizens as I warned through Jeremiah. And you, Ebed-melech, will see all this happen with your own eyes. 17 But do not worry, for I will rescue you on that day so that you will not be taken prisoner by those you fear. 18 I will protect you, and you will not die in the war. Your life will be your reward because you trusted in Me. I, the Eternal One, declare this to you.’”

I do not know what it is like living through a war. But I understand there are many around the world who do. In this part of the book of Jeremiah, we hear more about the siege on Judah and Israel.

The promises God made to the faithful of Jeremiah’s time stuck out to me today.

Jeremaih and Ebed-melech, in chapter 39 had their country, homes and livelihoods destroyed despite doing what was right and being faithful to God.

Even though God allowed much destruction in the land it would all be restored for the greater good, as the nation of Isreal that would come from the ashes of war was to eventually be host for our Saviour Jesus Christ.

In Jeremiah’s time there was a lot of suffering for those who remained faithful but they were all given the promise of redemption for their faith.

As God’s children we need to trust that in our difficult circumstances God is up to something for a good greater than we can imagine.

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