Jerimiah 31-32 -An Everlasting Love

I don’t need to get all technical on the seven or eight different types of love that there is in the bible..Pastor Todd did an amazing job of that for us during the reckless love series…I just want to make it known that God is capable of love that is everlasting…. plainly defined as lasting forever or a very long time…. eternity. This is something only God can comprehend. When we say “I love you forever” we are meaning that centred from ourselves, but that is normal because we are human and we are but vapour here on this earth…only God can really understand what forever means…which is the time beyond our time here. Only God can truly love us forever.Through everything that we do against His ways, He has love for us and will keep His promises.

4 “Again I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin Israel” We can become born again in Christ, But only God could restore virginity! He wants to start fresh, clean slate, Even before the change had begun He is declaring the rebirth of His nation. He must really love His clay

One thought on “Jerimiah 31-32 -An Everlasting Love

  1. Hahaha…loves His clay. That’s funny. You’re right, He remakes us into something beautiful after we’ve fallen.


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