Jerimiah 27-28

Hi, Marshall here, trying to be a good fig 🙂

We all love to hear good news, nice ideas, idealistic situations. We don’t want the bad sad depressing news.. Thst is why the enemy is so dangerous, we will be tempted by all things we don’t have, don’t have the ability to earn or can’t strive for. These things will be made to look easily attainable…. if you do a few crooked things… This is also why false teachers. are highly attractive. They make people think that they are developing a relationship with God and they remind you of all the good that you can get out of following the Lord, but they hardly ever really preach the gospel… so you know what you’re supposed to be doing, you know how you’re supposed to be doing it….but you don’t know who you’re doing it for, and you still find yourself alone.

False teachers won’t remind you of the good you already have, like the fact we are all the body of Christ and we all have a room in the Fathers house. Very rarely will we hear a false teacher mention God’s wrath or the plagues unless comparing it to something current. But rather they mention The riches you could have the Health that could be made better, the promotion around the corner, etc… if your going to church, and the lesson or sermon could be read and accepted in a Muslim place of worship or a Jewish one or any other non-Christ following churches, then chances are you’ve been listening to a false teacher. If you walk away thinking….”that’s not right” and you go cross check it and it doesn’t mels with scripture, chances are you’ve been attending to a false sermon.

We may not always like the bad news, but we wouldn’t appreciate the good news as much without it… reminded me of Romans verse 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good

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