Jeremiah 16

Reading this chapter put my mind into the future of how my son‘s family may be living in the world that went through the 911 and now this covid… and how all lives are still going to be changed. To them (Future family) it’s going to be normal because the change is going to happen so gradually slowly…but as it’s happening like we are living now, we are seeing the drastic changes and it has not become a normal acceptable yet…for examples, social distancing and air travel that was already highly affected because of the twin towers incident is now affected even more. The standardization of face masks, separated seating and much higher prices are all a shock. But to my grandchildren it will be normal. Just as there are people out there who knew life before cell phones, and social media, the future will hold a generation who couldn’t imagine going anywhere without a face mask or sanitizing upon entry.

Grocery shopping, going to the bank, or getting service just about anywhere is going to be a stark contrast for my future family compared to when I was growing up

So where am I going with all this? We (today) all of us are living in a world that could have been doing so much better, we all fall short every day or there wouldn’t be starvation, terrorism, murder and all that great stuff. We put people so high up on the celebrity status, they might as well be idols… heck, there’s a show called American idol.

We went from a culture that shut down everything on Sundays to observe the day of the Lord and slowly creeped in special shopping Sunday days and then shopping on Sunday became the norm…. just little things like that separate us from God more and more. I think it’s so hypocritical that the Lord’s prayer was taken out of the school…..when schools wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the church!!

Why don’t we change things up for the better? Most of us want to, Some of us do, but the majority doesn’t do anything, so the world gets progressively worse, further from God. Close down churches but keep the liquor stores and pot dispensaries open (more idols)

Who are we to blame? Earlier Generations for setting the standard?… The current Generation? Shall we blame the millinieals? No, it’s all our faults. It’s so easy to say “it was like that when we got here “but when “here” isn’t right it’s time to turn something around!

Repentance must begin for true change to occur, then we can live a life of influence to encourage others to repent and follow God.

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