Jerimiah 14 – False Prophets

Beware of people who are always telling you exactly what you want to hear, especially when you think you need to hear it….they might be trying to sell you something or an idea of how to think about something.. or worse off, steer you away from the Lord.

Also, beware of anybody uses dreams and aspirations to remind you of things you don’t have when it’s much better to be reminded of what you do have and are blessed with.. A really good friend of mine told me once it’s better to want what you have than to have what you want!

I just wanted to make mention of the use of drought for judgement from the first part of this chapter…When water is removed, we cannot survive. Only He has the power to do such a thing. Later God sent His son who IS the living water! He gave us all the opportunity to not be thirsty anymore for the rest of our lives if we drink Him in 🙂 Amazing Grace!

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