Jeremiah 11 -CONsequences

We all have to “face the music” of our situations or “sleep in the bed we’ve made” it happens because life does… it happens because we think we are in control, it happens because it’s hard to let go and let God.

Life is a series of sequences. If we do right, the next thing should work out for the best….if we make a poor decision, we have thrown the “con” into the mix. This can and usually leads to negative results.

Con can be a nasty prefix… CONvict, CONtusion, CONcubine, CONDemn, CONstipate… etc…although there are lots of good con words, you get the idea.

A CONsequence is something one needs to face when a series of bad events have occurred and now it’s time to pay the price. In this chapter the people of Judah have fallen into the bad sequences of following false idols, gods and following false teachers who would “tweak” the laws to accommodate themselves . The consequences are as follows…22 “The young men shall die by the sword, their sons and their daughters shall die by famine, 23 and none of them shall be left”

All the more reason to live each day like Christ is coming tommorow.

I’m doing my best to live closer to God than my earlier generation, we are trying our best to instil a love for God in our son. I know it will be more sincere than my parents did for me because they were doing it for “show”, I mean they did a good part by bringing me up in tradition and religion of the old testament. But later in life as I learned they had no beleif in God… and it showed… synagogue became nothing more than a ritualistic horse and pony show. That surely led to consequences of me falling out of religious practice disconnecting me with any chance of a relationship with God until many years later…. but here I am today loving the WHOLE bible and Christ.

All I can think about now is all the great consequences (maybe we should call them pro-sequences) I have received since coming to the Lord through His Word with this whole Chapter a Day! Best Sequence Ever!

One thought on “Jeremiah 11 -CONsequences

  1. Hahaha. …love the graphic and the strong message.

    There used to be a show called, “Truth or Consequences “. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit within helps us to discern the Truth so we don’t have to suffer the Consequences.

    There are several reassuring verses about raising up our children in the way they should go…beautiful blessings for generations.


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