Jerimiah 5 comments

Hes finding honesty and truth in me, I’ll tell you that for sure, Sadly the honesty is also containing truth about questioning my own integrity with a work issue. I’ve let it go, Ive spoke to God enough about it to trust He will put me where I need to be when that time comes. sometimes I find if I pray too much about the same thing the same way I feel that the prayer itself loses its integrity, so I either change how I’m asking or I just stop asking because I have to put my trust in Him about it at some point.
First I was complaining that there was no work… and then I was complaining that they were starting to call me in a little bit (i didn’t like the uncertainty of schedule).. and now I don’t even know if I wanna go back to work or if it’s because I’m so used to being on a “holiday” away from it and/or we realized they don’t need me as much during the weekly this time.
My kids partial back to school part-days is another monkey wrench….. everything is so -not normal right now.
At times lately I have felt like my integrity has been right out the window because of my whole blah attitude towards work in general…

I do love my work, thank God for my talent l and people I work with.

thanks for letting me rant ….This too shall pass – Amen

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