Jeremiah 2 – Disappointment

“What wrong did your fathers find in me that they went far from me, and went after worthlessness, and became worthless?”

Zoom! back to my 20s- This reminded me of when I had to tell my stepfather I didn’t wanna work in the family business anymore and I wanted to pursue my own dreams…after all that’s why I went to college! I wanted my ways not stepFathers ways.

He thought he had better financial plans for me and a better future for me and I went away… and I did become worthless (financially) & (wasted invested time) in his eyes.

Importantly I knew I wasn’t worthless and I knew I wasn’t gonna make nearly as much money following my dream as I would’ve wearing the suit and doing the deals that he did, but those things didn’t matter to me. I didn’t pursue the same type of lifestyle that he did, it was one without God at all and it was one of greed and gluttony and I did not want to follow in his footsteps.

I figured if I could follow my dream and make a living, then that’s a blessing. If I can become wealthy doing it then that’s a bonus. I still didn’t have God completely in my life at that time but I do now and I thank God for my gift.

I can’t find anything wrong with God, He is perfect. I think one could look long and hard and not find anything but good in Him. Jesus is somebody who would go against the grain and do what’s right and turn the other cheek.

“made my heritage an abomination.”

Those are some really harsh sounding words that sound like righteous anger. Taking something so pristine and pure, God loving and abiding in, then over time watching it break down and start bowing down to other gods and making more idols and then giving a god for water and one for reproduction… I can only imagine it would be like a parent watching their child to go astray from the Lord and the fear and the hurt and the pain I would feel watching that happen to my own son.

God watched that happened to his whole nation and it wasn’t just the only time…. it was like a roller coaster just like Pastor Todd has demonstrated before us in other books we’ve read in this awesome chapter a day journey.

2 thoughts on “Jeremiah 2 – Disappointment

  1. I remember my stepfather offering me 2 busineses in advertising and publishing, but neither appealed to me more than teaching. There I found happiness and purpose, not as much money perhaps, but what’s important in life?


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