Ruth 4

When I Finished reading this chapter it made me think of the butterfly effect…. or ripple effects, the actions that God causes other actions to happen… how He lines everything up together because He can play “multi player”.

It really makes me reflect on all the actions and decisions I have made that lead me to where I am in this moment. Even in the time I wasn’t very close to God… in retrospect I see why He led me through and why things happened the way they happened to bring me here.

All along I was being carried and shown wonderous things – but I didn’t have a relationship so of course there were times where I thought I was completely alone… – and some of the time I thought I was doing everything on my own means but I certainly didn’t have my “hand on the plow” up until about two years ago.

I want to take this opportunity to praise Jesus for bringing me to His Word in Riverwood Church so I can learn exactly who He is and what He means to me as part of the Godhead. Just as he was working in the background granting to Ruth all of this favour and grace for her obedience and loyalty; God was there for me in the background giving me mercy that I didn’t deserve and grace that I didn’t deserve, so again God thank you very much… in your holy name amen.

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