Ruth 2 – I think he likes her

14 “Come here and eat some bread and dip your morsel in the wine.” This immediately sprang up the idea that He was lifting her up…like we should all be doing for eachother, the symbolism that Jesus did the same thing at the last supper shortly before His work on the cross was hard not to notice.

Jesus did it because He loved us, Boaz did it because he loved her. He showed it like God would, with protection (shield from the workers), with provision (food/grain for now and to take), and with love (a bonding relationship) Boaz saw her dedication to her family and a knew how we are all Gods children and He takes care of us and she modeled her life after Him.

He so admired her loyalty and her work from her past. He saw Gods grace in her.

I know a handful of people that I can see that in, I aspire to be like them, more Jesus like.

Just look how God was working in the background here with this Boaz guy just “happend” to “conveniently” be family who was like a saviour to Naomies family roots. Who just “happened to have his portion of the field nearby”

That was no coincidence! That’s God leading everyone together.. Happens all over the place… people just say “right time-right place” But it’s God moving several chess pieces (us pawns or sheep) at a time making life happen and unfold.

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