Voice ID? Yay or Nay

So today on the phone I was asked by a credit card company if it was all right if they used my voice for recognition purposes… and I thought to myself ….you better use a few different voices if you want me to be identified properly 🙂 I can see how how face recognition can work and how it could be thrown off with a pair of glasses or a different kind of hair cut. Even twins have been known to mess with the facial/optical recognition.

I thought to myself and verbalized to the lady on the phone (who thought it was quite funny) I should give you my happy voice and my sad voice and my anxious voice and my scared voice and my impatience voice and my angry voice and my self righteous voice … I think there was a couple more but I can’t remember at the moment.

There was a brief pause and then I heard a big exhale…and there was laughter on the other end of the phone and she said “we’re going to use your happy voice today because that’s the one you used to when I asked you if it was OK to use your voice as recognition”….so I know I was being recorded the whole time but now they’re allowed to capture your voice and use that as a part of your identification so they don’t have to run through a whole bunch of questions.

In my opinion this makes it much easier to plagiarize somebody’s personality or steal identity because now all you need is a recording of your voice…. and with all of today’s smart devices I’m pretty sure your voice and even the TV in the living room can be wired to be listening to you as well as watching you.

So when you’re on the phone with big companies and you know you’re being recorded, be careful of what you say and how you answer the questions… and if you’re even further concerned or worried about being watched or listened to in your home, cover all unused external cameras and Mike’s even if they’re not “on”…. Because you may be 🙂

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