Ruth 1 Thoughts

I just love how I can read something from thousands of years ago and see how I can apply to my life experience.

The first part of this book reminded me of a period earlier in my life when I thought it was time to get up and go and make things better and I did it with a family member of mine.

I wasn’t in a good place all by myself and I was looking to turn my life around and so my cousin packed up where he was from and I packed up where I was from and we moved in together …and there we stayed to flourish for a while away from the famine of our pasts… not for a decade… but things seemed good….but then, tempted by the opposite sex (my current wife) I decided to leave, which would almost be the story equivalent of the three men dying because it left my cousin hi and dry (yes, it wasn’t very nice of me and we’ve reconciled since) a widow all by himself.

He couldn’t keep the place on his own and decided to go back to where he came from…but with a good learning experience, we both left that place empty. We had aspirations of growing and getting a better life together and realized it wasn’t working with my barely being there…so It left emotional emptiness.

As for the loyalty aspect that Ruth had for Naomi, I have the upmost respect for anybody who has loyalty like that to a family member or an employer or any partner.

To many times to mention I see people who are loyal like that get taken advantage of by others who are controlled by the enemy and don’t have a good moral compass.

I’m too quick to judge before I show loyalty…I used to like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but then I found out I was being taken advantage of too often so I had to put up a bit of a guard which has saved my rear end a few times, but I like to think that all the people I associate with now all my brothers and sisters in Christ would have a good moral compass and it would be the last thing on their mind to take advantage of me and is the last thing on my mind to take advantage of any of them…not just because it’s wrong, but because I believe we should all be loyal to each other like a brother and sister should be.

One thought on “Ruth 1 Thoughts

  1. You have shown your loyalty and strength of character, once again, to God and fellow Bloggers by being so open and vulnerable in disclosing your past. It’s exciting to see how God is growing you into His image and how you are helping others through your Testimony.

    God has put people into my life who are Christ followers who have treated me in an ungodly manner and He’s put some people into my life who don’t yet know Him who have been a Blessing. I often pray for discernment.

    My Dad had a saying that the Bible says we’re not to Judge others but we need to be Fruit Inspectors”. “By their fruit, you will know them”.Mathew 7:16


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