Prayer for the Suffering

Today I offer a prayer to all those who are suffering.

Those who read this and those who don’t. God bless and heal the many who face or have faced horrific injustices and atrocities.

Be with the traumatized and broken. I pray that Your light pulls them out of the darkness whether they have faith in You or not.

Violence and suffering was never Your plan for us, God and I know it tears Your heart to witness the brutal acts we do to one another.

Only You can heal us as You bless us with Your mercy. Your love will always outweigh the horrors of our world. One day the earth will be made new when Your kingdom comes.


One thought on “Prayer for the Suffering

  1. Beautiful Prayer.

    Question-Did Jesus usher in God’s Kingdom on earth when He came to earth and died on the cross?

    It’s my understanding that Heaven is where God rules. If He rules in our hearts, we have Heaven (God’s Kingdom) on earth. We are the first fruits of those who believe.


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