What He Will Do

I feel like sometimes I am guilty of shrinking God. I underestimate the things He can do.

Or maybe I don’t underestimate what God CAN do maybe I underestimate what He WILL do.

I feel like I am responsible to change myself alone by my own strength. Fix my bad habits, change my workplace, make myself a good career and as a father a lot falls on my shoulders to make sure my family is well taken care of and provided for.

Perhaps I forget my Father in heaven wants to provide for us in the same way.

He has done so much work already! He came to earth as a man and showed us how to live and love. And not only that but gave up His own life so His spirit could dwell in us and change us from the inside out.

God does everything and anything according to His perfect will. Our wills are imperfect and sometimes work against our own joy. The only way to combat that is trust in our Father 🙂

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