Psalm 81 Stubborness

This animal ^ has been me, is me and can be me….. all in how I react to His pathway.

“12 So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels”

God will give us what we need and sometimes a little bit more, not as a test but maybe to see what we will do with it, sonething Jesus-like or something Judas-like..

I read that sometimes He will just delight in us… even in our stubbornness because sometimes we need that to be brought back to the Kingdom.

I know I did, it was in stubbornness when I realized I was actually lost and was trying to find direction, a way… a light…. something real!

We need to learn the consequence of our sin. God will use these times to keep us from sinning again and again and instead turn it to faith – like mourning to dancing.

My own counsels are anything I would refer to or follow other than Gods ways or laws. For some it’s drugs, for some it’s pornography, for others it’s beleif in anything other than Jesus, or worse of all devil worship.

For me, for over a decade it was following a rock band and making them a diety. (some great stories, but not for here) My life revolved around it. I planned school around my concerts…I planned my relationships, work and finances around my shows. I was stubborn to say the least.

I can still appreciate the music and have the memories, but it’s all second or third fiddle now. I hold onto those old counsels loosely, God was watching me through all that drug fueled mess (what I thought was fun) and He still led me to where I am today in this moment. Praise Jesus!

My counsel should be God alone because there are no substitutes. Who else has seen me at my worst and still loves me? I hate to sound cliche, but I was saved, a lost lamb, a jewish one as it may be, carried to faith in Lord by the Good Sheppard to accept The Son as my saviour, I give Him my life.

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