This is not a thing I like to talk about but it is definitely the biggest thing in my life that I struggle with:

My purity.

I have been in the clutches of this sin for sometime, although I have found a tremendous amount of freedom from lust compared to the past. Although lust doesn’t control my mind and life like it did, temptations linger on social media and in various entertainment whether online or other places.

I hurts to know that I fall for these images but I know God’s grace is new and fresh everyday. For this reason (and many others) I know I need my Savior daily and why I know I need to keep praying and connecting to my Father and not slacking in my faith.

Even when I get it wrong I know God does not want me to wallow in the pain and shame I feel. He will redeem my sins and shine a light where the darkness was.

One thought on “Clutches

  1. God Redeemed me too. Each of us have been Redeemed. Now we can enjoy freedom from sin (and when we sin, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to sin’s destruction so that we can repent (turn from our sin) and “Be” who we truly are…a new creation!


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