Psalm 75 In Gods Time

2 “At the set time that I appoint I will judge with equity.

Gods time is the only time that matters, that’s why every moment we have should be a living reminder of the gift that God gives us..the ability to exist and breathe and all He asks is that we love and praise Him.. and I mean love each other as well of course.

Gods time is something that you and I can’t understand or conceive.. it’s just something we need to accept.

Anytime we take matters into our own hands it’s almost like telling God that we could handle the situation better than he can and that’s just ridiculous.

Gods schedule or agenda or timeline or whatever you want to call it was planned long before anything else was there in the beginning with Him and the Word and the Holy Spirit.

It boggles my mind and I love to have the ability to believe in a God that knows how many hairs would be on my head on this day before I was conceived…He is a miraculous wonderful God!

It was a back 3500 BC when the Samarian‘s were developing a time system to break down an hour to 60 minutes and 60 second minutes and so forth later to be adopted and developed by the Sumerian’s… my point is Before that, how does anybody know what they meant if they say “ I’ll see you in a little while” nobody knew what five or 10 minutes was or half an hour.

Seems like I got a little off-topic there but I was just trying to say that for so long we’ve been using the same time system but Gods system was there before I was and will be there long after… just like the leaves will fall and the flowers will dry up but God’s word will last forever.

You trust Him with your life and you trust Him with your soul, you want to walk with Him…. so trust His timeline.

So when people say “All in good time”, It would be proper to lose an “o” and cap the “g” …. All in Gods time

To really summarize…Our time IS Gods time!End of story.

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