Psalm 73

Like a dream. Like when you wake up and realize that what seemed like all night was mere seconds.

Our lives here on earth are like a dream. In the grand plan we are just vapour, here for a while and then poof.

Where we find our treasures and riches here on earth will determine whether or not we have eternal life in Gods favour.

If we put our value and treasures into things we can not take with us, they are of no real value.

The grass is always greener on the other side? Appearance isn’t always what it seems… like the image of the red car, looks sporty at first, but upon second, third and possibly a fourth glance, there are obvious complications and things are going the wrong way. My eyes were fixed on this “treasure” and it’s just a visual mess and they are are all over the place, just like this car…and all the treasures of this earth will take you down….Depends on what side of the grass your on?… not left or right of the fence, but rather above or below ground when we decide to BOW our knees. I think above ground is better because then while we are here, we can bring more people to the Lord

I walk down the street and see a huge house with luxury cars, pool in the back and every amenity you could imagine and think, this guys got it all! But the small shack around the corner with one floor, no car, and a heart full of the Lord is the one who truly has it all! That was never me before.

On a personal note there was a time when I was striving to make the most money, get the best car and eventually move into a big comfy place… My role model was a lying, deceiving pompous ass … BUT he had a 14,000 sq ft mansion, a bentley, porsche, mercedes, celebrity friends, a full designer suit collection with nice jewellery etc… I was striving to be like him…

I figured.. what’s a few lies and cheats going to be in the end if I could live like this guy?? I’ll stuff my guilt into my pillow and sleep in my 300 thread count eqyptian cotton sheets..

I overlooked for a while the fact that he didn’t pay contractors, was abusive to employees and other underhanded wicked things he was involved in… I learned in the end it wasn’t worth it.

The guy may have had anything I’d ever want and way more than I need, but how he was accumulating it was without morals and definatley without God.

I like to think that when that guy is on his death bed, he’ll realize it all means crap… either that or he’ll be happy his sons won’t really need to work unless they realize where the ill gotten money came from and grow more mature than the father.. We can only pray that cycles like that don’t repeat.

The important thing for me is that I got outta there in good time, didn’t follow his moral-less ways and found a better place to work. I still didn’t have the Lord in my life at that time…

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t feel some kind of relief when he got his up comings (or what I like to now call righteous judgement) as lawsuits piled up and his empire came crashing down… That’s God working in the background! That’s me sitting up on a hill waiting for His grand work to unravel. Not in my time.. but in Gods righteous time.

Just a side note. this Psalm also reminded me of the movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd.

Maybe that’s why they say be careful what you wish for… you may currently think that your life would be better if you trade places with that person…at the end of the day eternal life is the true treasure

3 thoughts on “Psalm 73

  1. To be able to look yourself in the mirror and have a peaceful sleep are so much more valuable than all the wealth and possessions. And, oh the Joy when God opens up an opportunity to share about the Lord!!! Although God does have to nudge me at times when I see others seemingly sailing through life and that evil emotion of jealousy rises up. It doesn’t happen as often now that, like you, I’ve seen oppressors topple.


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