Honest and Fair King

Psalm 71: True God, bestow Your honest judgments upon the king
    and anoint the king’s son with Your righteousness.
May he be honest and fair in his judgments over Your people
    and offer justice to the burdened and suffering.
Under his reign, may this land of mountains and hills know peace
    and experience justice for all the people.

The Psalmist is praying for an honest, fair and effective leader for the people of Isreal.

It is important for us to submit ourselves to God if we are to be better leaders. We will never be perfect but God helps us by giving us softer and more sincere hearts.

Jesus is our perfect example of a good leader. He was humble but firm, not nice to all but always acted out of goodness. He challenged those who were proud and lifted up those who were weak.

We all lead in some capacity throughout life whether it’s at work, voulenteering, on a project, sports team or as a parent.

I pray we all look to God’s word and seek His wisdom and guidance as we lead by His example. God within us is the best hope our world has.

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